Poet [Inside]™ is Azure’s stake in the ground and steadfast commitment to help schools keep arts in education - where it belongs. Her belief is that when we help students understand the creative process, we are better preparing them to achieve goals and pursue dreams. 





When students participate in Poet [Inside]™, they are forever changed. They experience the critical point of intersection where education meets art; they begin to understand the powerful impact artistic expression can have in helping them reach their full potential. This is the true beginning of the lifelong journey in self-discovery. 



The program is a unique collaboration between Azure, the faculty and administrative departments of each campus. Poet [Inside]™ is designed to step into the classroom and bring customized art instruction to help fulfill school objectives and accentuate a curriculum already set in motion.

Azure has worked with educational institutions across the country. At every Poet [Inside]™ stop, the camaraderie, commitment and excitement becomes hers as she connects with hundreds of students and witnesses the unfolding of the next generation of Maya Angelous, Bill Gates, Richard Bransons and Madeline Albrights. Her educational embrace leaves her feeling equally inspired and relentless in her mission to empower as many phenomenons as she can to use art as a means to recognize their motivators and have the courage to live by them.





Each program is custom designed to suit the individual needs of each campus and education facility. We offer the concept of the artistic cafeteria. There are several existing modules that fit inside the Poet [Inside]™ program. Each module is a template for collaboration to design the molecular structure of the PI program and develop a tempo that will ring true with the fundamentals of each PI partner.




Student Performance ShowCase

Anthology Project

Art Exhibits




These are the schools we have partnered and collaborated with.