Defib Your Brand™

is solely about an injection of rhythm into
a system that sincerely thrives off of a groove. 



Webster’s defines the term: Defibrillation as arresting the heart muscle with electric shock to return the heart cells to their normal rhythm. Defib Your Brand™ is solely about an injection of rhythm into a system that sincerely thrives off of a groove.

Having discovered a unique marriage in her corporate experience in the fields of human resources management and diversity inclusion, Azure has a powerful ability and method for connecting a corporation to its people and brand story. DYB™ is about writing the poem, drafting the poetic narrative to mission. She helps an organization align and articulate its business priorities and teams and not by way of PowerPoint. She fuses business speak with the beat of poetry and strategy with the voice of humanity in pursuit of helping to rejuvenate a business environment and recognize and celebrate its ambassadors clocking in each day and at the very heartbeat of the story.




Each company, organization, brand and division has an extraordinary blend of unique cacophony and charisma. The goal and objective of DYB™ is to unearth the initial fingerprint, the one laden with sweat equity, robust heartbeat and the sole anchor and inspiration for the core values, brand pillars and mission statement of the brand – back when it was the kind of idea that made its founders lose hours of rest.

Think of Azure as your brand ambassador. She is the deep breath and reunion for organizations where the bottom-line has taken precedent over the people responsible for it and the time has come for the walls dividing the C-Suites and administration and the innovators and traditionalists to come down. 





Although corporate America thrives off of a proposed plan, Defib your Brand™ will never fit under that category. DYB™ is highly customized, tailored and infused with the DNA of the brand it is collaborating with. DYB™ is a partnership. It is a forge of language, revision, dedication, honor and poetry.





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Commissioned Poem



In her time at several large firms, she noticed the disconnect that is strongly driven by pay grades, mass compliance and logistics vs. marketing vs. diversity departments. There was often an outcry from the employee base with their wants, needs and desires, simultaneously and insurmountable heft to operate business under strict legality, due diligence, concrete structure and policy and procedure in order to meet the fiduciary responsibilities set forth by the law, shareholders and customer satisfaction.

Azure was always keenly aware of PNL goals for the departments she worked in and managed, but also saw a gaping need to add a line item in the ever-prestigious earnings report for HUMAN EQUITY. Unbeknownst to her until many years later, she would use her knowledge and observations in conjunction with her connection to language, voice and poetry. 



Here are some of the people we work with. Case studies coming soon.